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Unravel the secrets of the Obra Dinn, a mysterious merchant vessel that washed up on a deserted shore. A unique detective game with engaging gameplay and beautiful art style. Should I play in 2024? Absolutely!
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In the year of 1807, the Obra Dinn, a seemingly doomed merchant vessel, washes up in the port of Falmouth, with no signs of life and a tale of mystery. As an insurance investigator for the East India Company, embark on a perilous journey to unravel the enigma surrounding the ship’s disappearance from view. Explore the Obra Dinn’s worn sails and cabins, scour for clues and reconstruct the events that led to its downfall. Unravel the tangled web of fate that has befriended this vessel, and unravel the truth behind its journey to the Orient. Will you uncover the secrets that lie beneath the troubled waves, or will the secrets remain lost, forever trapped in the depths of time? In Return of the Obra Dinn, one’s deductive skills will be tested to unravel the mysteries of the sea.

Should I play Return of the Obra Dinn in 2024?

The good

This game is widely praised for its unique storytelling, engaging gameplay, and art style. Many reviewers mention that it’s a standout title in its genre, with some even calling it the best detective/investigation game they’ve played. The game’s complexity, with its thought-provoking puzzles and clever deductions, has received high praise from players. The game’s visuals and sound design have also been praised for their attention to detail and fittingly nautical atmosphere.

The bad

One reviewer noted that the game’s cliffhanger ending may be unsatisfying for some players. Another mentioned that the game’s pacing can be slow-moving. One reviewer also mentioned that some parts of the game can be difficult to discern due to the art style. Only a few reviewers mentioned any criticisms of the game, but overall, the majority of reviewers were extremely positive.


In conclusion, Return of the Obra Dinn is a must-play for fans of detective/investigation games. With its unique storytelling, engaging gameplay, and beautiful art style, this game is an absolute masterpiece. While some may find the pacing slow-moving or have difficulties with certain parts of the game, the overall experience will keep players engaged and motivated to solve the mysteries. In 2024, this game is still well worth playing, and its masterpiece status is evident even years after its release.

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