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Discover the unique simulation game where you manage a recycling center, amidst authentic waste handling and dynamic challenges. Worth playing for fans of simulators.
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‘Recycle Rush’ immerses players in a realistic, first-person simulation where you manage an evolving recycling center. Experience authentic waste handling through unloading, sorting, and compacting trash using various containers and machines tailored to specific types of refuse such as paper, metal scraps, and bulky items. Navigate dynamic challenges with real-time destruction physics, managing over 450 unique garbage objects across 14 waste categories, utilizing more than 16 different tools including compactors and carts. Enhance your facility’s efficiency by purchasing upgrades, cleaning containers with a pressure washer, and unlocking new items through earned currency and player satisfaction. With an emphasis on strategy and environmental consciousness, ‘Recycle Rush’ delivers endless opportunities for compaction and recycling mastery.

Should I play My Recycling Center in 2024?

The good

The game has a unique concept and simulator feel, with realistic dumpster mechanics and a variety of containers to choose from. Players enjoy the game’s simulation aspect, with many praising the game’s ability to keep them occupied for hours. The game also has a promising future, with an active developer and regular updates.

The bad

The game has some frustrating bugs and issues, including a irritating auto-save feature that freezes the game. Some players experience lag, and the game can be repetitive once all the material types are unlocked. The game’s graphics, while decent for a simulator, are not exceptional.


Despite its flaws, I believe that “My Recycling Center” is still worth playing, especially for fans of simulators. While the game is not perfect, the developer appears to be actively working on fixing bugs and adding new features, which should improve the overall experience. If you’re looking for a unique and engaging simulation game, My Recycling Center is worth checking out.

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