Lightblade VR - Buyer's Guide

Explore a captivating VR world with self-illuminating plasma blades in Lightblade VR, a fan-created game with flaws and crashes that negate enjoyment. Worth playing only for die-hard VR fans or those willing to tolerate tech issues. MAX 155-160 characters
Fan-art of Lightblade VR

Lightblade VR catapults you into a captivating virtual reality world where you are trained to wield self-illuminating plasma blades - a nostalgic nod to the fantasies of our childhood. With the guidance of your personal robotic trainer, you’ll learn to parry incoming laser beams in an exhilarating simulation.

The game offers a variety of features that include the option to duel with a single blade or dual-wield for a more intense experience. There are four unique training modes and additional challenges to hone your skills. As you progress, you’ll unlock a palette of five blade colors and four distinct hilt designs to customize your weapon.

Lightblade VR boasts of remarkable 3D visuals that immerse you in the action, accompanied by sound effects that heighten the thrill of combat. The user interface is beautifully minimalistic, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The game introduces the latest model of the training robot and even allows you to test your skills against another blade master in the Desert Temple mission.

This fan-created game is free of in-app purchases and advertisements.

Please note that Lightblade VR is not officially associated with Hasbro, Inc., Lucasfilm Ltd., The Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their subsidiaries.

Should I play Lightblade VR in 2024?

The good

  • Nostalgic Appeal: Overwhelming praise for fulfilling childhood fantasies of wielding “lightblades,” evoking beloved space opera memories.
  • Visuals and Sound: Graphics and sound are highly appreciated. The lightblade effects, environments, and sound design capture the imagination.
  • Affordability: At $4, the game is noted as providing great value for the price.
  • Fun Factor: Many users mention the game is simple yet incredibly fun and satisfying, particularly for fans of the source material.

The bad

  • Minimal Content: The game is often described as a tech demo with limited replayability.
  • Simplistic Gameplay: Some users highlight that the game can be easily “cheated” by holding the blades in a fixed position, reducing the challenge.
  • Lack of Depth: There’s only one game mode, and some players wish for more variety and complexity, such as additional bots or gameplay mechanics.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? 💫 Absolutely! If you’ve ever dreamt of wielding a glowing “lightblade” and have a penchant for epic space operas, Lightblade VR is a delightful, albeit brief, escape into that universe. It’s affordable, visually impressive, and immensely fun for what it is. Just don’t go in expecting a full-fledged game; think of it more as an engaging tech demo that’s perfect for satisfying those Jedi daydreams. For $4, it’s a no-brainer. May the fun be with you! 🌟

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Screenshot of Lightblade VR

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