LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original Adventures - Buyer's Guide

Experience the classic Indiana Jones trilogy in a LEGO version with nostalgic charm and fun gameplay, but be prepared for some minor bugs and glitches.
Fan-art of LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original Adventures

Embark on a brick-filled adventure through the whip-cracking, treasure-hunting worlds of Indiana Jones. Channel Indy’s bravery as you battle foes, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden riches. Recruit friends to team up and conquer challenges that require wit, stealth, and daring-do. Immerse yourself in LEGO’s brand of tongue-in-cheek humor and nostalgic charm as you experience the classic Indiana Jones adventures in a fresh, family-friendly way.

Should I play LEGO® Indiana Jones™: The Original Adventures in 2024?

The Good

It’s clear that many fans of the LEGO series and Indiana Jones franchise are thrilled to have seen this game come to life. The sense of nostalgia is palpable, and players are having a blast reliving the classic adventure. The game’s ability to capture the spirit of the original trilogy and translate it into a fun and engaging LEGO experience is a major win.

The Bad

Unfortunately, one reviewer did mention that the game is “muito bugado”, or very buggy, which is a major concern for anyone considering purchasing the game.


In 2024, is LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures still worth playing? While it may have its limitations, the overall positive sentiment from players suggests that its nostalgic charm and delightful gameplay make it a worthwhile experience. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind the potential for bugs and glitches. If you’re a fan of the franchise or LEGO games in general, you might still have a blast with this game. Just be prepared for some technical hiccups along the way. So, if you’re feeling adventurous and can overlook some minor flaws, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is still a fun and nostalgic romp.

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