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Old-school MMORPG with nostalgic value and simple gameplay, but marred by pay-to-win mechanics, toxic community, and poor customer support. Consider alternatives for a better gaming experience.
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Knight Online is a decade-old MMORPG that promises epic PvP battles and action-packed combat. Players can choose from two nations vying for dominance on the Adonis Continent. The game features frequent in-game events, including the epic Lunar War and Castle Siege War, which pit players against each other in thrilling battles. While PvP is the core of the game, players can also embark on quests, slay monsters for loot, and defy the forgotten gods. The game’s upgrade system allows players to refine their skills and build their characters, making it an enticing option for fans of Old School MMORPGs.

Should I play Knight Online in 2024?

The good

Some users seem to have nostalgic feelings towards the game, enjoying the simplicity and fast-paced gameplay. A few players praise the game’s graphics, even considering them “simple but fast-paced”. A few reviewers mention that the game is “still enjoyable” and that it’s “good half” of the classic game.

Some users also appreciate the game’s community, mentioning that Steam players are more helpful than in the past.

The bad

The overwhelming majority of reviewers criticize the game for being “pay to win”, with many calling it a “scam”. Many users mention the “toxic community”, “cheaters”, and “bugs” that make the game unenjoyable. Some reviewes are unhappy with the game’s graphics, calling them “outdated”. Pricing is also a major concern, with many users criticizing the expensive premiums and “greed” of the developers.

Many reviewers also mention the game’s poor customer support and ineffective reporting system for cheating.


Based on these reviews, it seems that Knight Online is a game that fails to deliver. The “good” aspects, nostalgic value and simple gameplay, are overshadowed by the numerous “bad” aspects, including pay-to-win mechanics, toxic community, and poor customer support. It seems that unless you’re playing it for nostalgic reasons or have played the game before, there’s little reason to start playing it now. Even then, the high pricing and lack of true free-to-play options makes it hard to recommend.

Unless you have strong ties to the game’s past or enjoy playing games that require a premium subscription, it’s best to look elsewhere for a more enjoyable gaming experience. Verdict: Avoid.

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