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Embark on a fantasy odyssey in Gielinor, with 28 skills to master and a richly detailed world to explore, but with mixed reviews citing issues with development and direction. Should you play it in 2024? Maybe.
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Embark on a fantasy odyssey in Gielinor, a world of ancient legend and intrigue, where the Elder Gods secretly manipulate the fate of its people. With 19 years of evolution, RuneScape offers unparalleled freedom - explore with friends, forge your own path, and unravel the mysteries of Gielor’s mystical realms. Master 28 skills, from woodworking to runes, and confront nightmarish foes in a richly detailed world of medieval castles, tropical paradises, and ancient ruins. Join a global community of millions, shaping the game’s future through feedback and collaboration. And with optional membership, unlock even more thrilling content, including eight new skills and 120 quests.

Should I play RuneScape ® in 2024?

The good

Despite the intense emotions in the review, there are some standout positives. RuneScape has cultivated a devoted community over its extensive history, with players dedicating thousands of hours. The game boasts rich content that has evolved over the years, including impressive wealth accumulation and high-level achievements that offer a sense of accomplishment. The release of new content like necromancy has notably enhanced the in-game experience for many.

The bad

Player discontent primarily centers on the monetization strategies and perceived lack of community listening by the developers. Features like the Squeal of Fortune and Treasure Hunter have been criticized for promoting a “pay-to-win” environment. Some veterans feel nostalgic for the older version of the game, seeing the evolution as a departure from what made the game special.


RuneScape remains a legendary MMORPG with a dedicated fanbase and a wealth of content to explore. While there are valid criticisms regarding monetization and developer decisions, the overall sentiment is still very positive. If you’re a new player or looking to revisit nostalgic RPG glory, RuneScape in 2024 can provide countless hours of enjoyment. Grab your gear, ready your magic spells, and dive into the adventure! 🧙‍♂️💰

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