I Expect You To Die - Buyer's Guide

Experience a thrilling virtual reality puzzle game as a top-tier spy. Solve puzzles, navigate perilous settings, and outsmart foes. Overwhelmingly positive reviews, but lack of saving system may frustrate some players.
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Immerse yourself in the thrilling universe of subterfuge and intrigue in ‘I Expect You To Die’, a virtual reality puzzle game that takes you into the world of covert operations. Step into the impeccably shined shoes of a top-tier spy and navigate through hazardous situations in a variety of perilous settings. With seven stealth operations to complete, your intellect, quick thinking, and unique telekinetic abilities are your only tools for survival. The mission: outsmart and outmaneuver the nefarious Dr. Zor, escape from each precarious scenario, or face the ultimate consequence. Stay updated on the latest mission briefings via our Discord server. Additional missions are available at the provided links. Stay vigilant, Agent!

Should I play I Expect You To Die in 2024?

The good

“I Expect You To Die” is an absolute hit among VR gamers, often regarded as one of the best VR experiences available. Players appreciate the cleverly designed puzzles that strike a perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment. The game’s atmosphere and humor, heavily inspired by James Bond movies and the spy genre, add a delightful layer of charm and immersion. Fans of spy adventures will find a lot to love in this well-crafted VR title.

The bad

Some users suggest that the game might feel like a precursor to its sequels, implying that while it’s great, there’s an anticipation for even better experiences in future installments.


Should you still buy or play “I Expect You To Die” in 2024? Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, the answer is a resounding yes! 🎉 With its engaging puzzles, rich atmosphere, and delightful humor, it’s a must-play for any VR enthusiast or spy genre fan. Don’t miss this brilliant homage to James Bond in immersive VR! 🕵️✨

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