House Flipper - Buyer's Guide

Relaxing home renovation adventure where you flip houses and earn profits. Addictive gameplay and simplicity make it perfect for unwinding. Is it worth playing in 2024? Find out why reviewers love it despite minor issues.
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In ‘House Flipper’, players embark on a home renovation adventure, earning their keep by taking jobs from local residents. Tasks range from painting walls to installing amenities and furnishing homes for client satisfaction. As profits roll in, it’s time to claim your own property! Upgrade skills with tools like paint rollers and hammers, and tackle challenges to create dream homes or lucrative flips. ‘House Flipper’ invites players to leave their mark on the world of real estate.

Should I play House Flipper in 2024?

The good

The game offers a sense of relaxation and satisfaction as players renovate and flip houses. Many reviewers praised the game’s addictive nature, spending hours playing without realizing it. The game is praised for its simplicity and coziness, making it a perfect game for unwinding.

The bad

Some reviewers mentioned a lack of variety in house designs and annoying bunker systems. One reviewer mentioned the issue with progress being deleted, while another reviewer experienced saving issues. Some reviewers were disappointed with the DLC, calling it overpriced.


Despite some minor criticisms, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive. The game’s relaxing nature, addictive gameplay, and simplicity make it an excellent choice for players looking to unwind. While some issues with progress and saving may occur, they appear to be isolated incidents. Considering the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I’d recommend House Flipper to anyone looking for a calming and enjoyable gaming experience. Even if some DLCs are pricey, the base game offers plenty of content to keep players engaged. So, go ahead and flip those houses!

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