Fallout 4 Far Harbor - Buyer's Guide

Discover the irradiated Far Harbor in Fallout 4's largest DLC, featuring a new environment, quests, and secrets. While it's not perfect, fans of the series will enjoy the atmosphere and new content. Frustrating puzzles may deter some.
Fan-art of Fallout 4 Far Harbor

Embark on a perilous journey to the irradiated Far Harbor, where a sense of unease simmers beneath the surface. As the Valentine’s Detective Agency sends you on a mission to locate a missing woman, you’ll discover a secretive synth colony and find yourself entangled in a growing conflict between the Children of Atom, the local townsfolk, and the synth populations. Can you navigate the treacherous landscape to achieve peace, or will the struggle come at a devastating cost? The largest DLC ever created for the game brings a vast new environment to explore, complete with new faction quests, settlements, lethally hostile creatures, and hidden dungeons awaiting discovery. Gear up with powerful new armor and weapons to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

Should I play Fallout 4 Far Harbor in 2024?

The good

Players rave about the atmosphere, environment, and mood of Far Harbor, praising its dark and foreboding atmosphere, foggy and spooky island setting, and the sense of exploration and discovery. The additions to settlement building are also a highlight, and new guns, companions, and drinks are a nice touch. Players also mention the fun and spooky sea monsters and side quests.

The bad

The main criticism is the DiMA’s memory puzzle, with many players calling it frustrating, annoying, and even saying it’s the worst quest they’ve ever done. Some players express strong dislike for the puzzle, with one player stating it made them want to commit war crimes.


So, should you still buy or play Far Harbor in 2024? While it’s true that the memory puzzle is a major turn-off for some, the rest of the DLC shines through. The atmosphere and environment are top-notch, and the new content and additions are a great bonus. If you’re a die-hard Fallout fan or just looking for more Fallout 4 goodness, you might want to give Far Harbor a shot. Just be prepared for some frustration with the DiMA puzzle. Overall, it’s still a great DLC, and if you can stomach the puzzle, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Far Harbor.

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Screenshot of Fallout 4 Far Harbor

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