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Experience Eternal Return's unique blend of gameplay elements and addictive nature on a deserted island. Balance survival and battling with server limitations and ongoing issues. Worth trying for fans of survival games and MOBAs.
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In the ominous setting of the deserted Lumia Island, a shady organization’s sinister experiment unfolds, pitting human subjects against each other in a desperate fight for survival. Collaborate with fellow survivors to craft makeshift weapons and armor, but beware: AGLAIA’s true intentions lurk in the shadows, guiding the experiment towards a catastrophic conclusion.

Should I play Eternal Return in 2024?

The good

The game seems to have received widespread praise for its unique blend of gameplay elements, addictive nature, and potential for growth. Many reviewers have mentioned its addictive qualities, enjoyable gameplay, and the promise of a growing community.

The bad

One of the major concerns is the server situation, with some players experiencing long pings and lag due to the limited number of servers available. This has led to some frustration, especially for players in specific regions like Oceania. Additionally, some reviewers have expressed disappointment with the game’s management style, particularly regarding banning and communication.

The ugly

Some reviewers have criticized the gameplay as shallow, with too much emphasis on quick clicking and movement rather than strategy and depth. Others have expressed frustration with the lack of balance and synergy between characters, as well as the overpowering nature of certain characters (such as Bianca). Some reviewers have also mentioned the need for more control input options and features like keyboard accessibility.


Despite some notable issues, it seems that the overall sentiment towards Eternal Return is positive. If you’re a fan of MOBA games or are looking for a new survival experience, Eternal Return might be worth trying out. However, if you’re particularly sensitive to lag or server issues, you might want to wait until the developers address these concerns. For now, the game shows promise, especially with its engaging gameplay and community. So, if you’re willing to overlook the current server limitations, Eternal Return might be an entertaining ride for fans of the genre.

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