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Explore a chaotic realm, command armies, and battle Overworlders in this hilarious action-RPG with a dash of humor.
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Dungeons erupts with more Evilness! The sequel brings a bigger, better realm to rule as you craft your comfortable dungeon for your creatures’ needs. Command armies of Horde, Undead and Demons while competing against Overworlders who dare challenge the Absolute Evil. Gather resources amidst Dwarves™, Elves & Humans raids; transform vibrant biomes with new Perk system powers for Thalya. Navigate through a sprawling campaign or engage in co-op multiplayer battles.

Should I play Dungeons 4 in 2024?

The good

“Dungeons 4” has largely won the hearts of its player base, earning high praise for its unique blend of dungeon building and RTS elements. Fans are particularly enthusiastic about the different creature groups, which offer fun and synergistic gameplay, adding depth and variety to the experience. The humor, a hallmark of the series, remains as delightful as ever, providing many laughs throughout the campaign. The game also introduces some new mechanics and a longer campaign, keeping things fresh for both newcomers and returning players.

The bad

However, the game isn’t without its quirks. Some players found the multitasking elements overwhelming, particularly when juggling dungeon management, defense, and overworld activities. There were complaints about the AI reliability and a few mechanical annoyances, such as worker priorities and cramped maps for trap placement. The story and character development have received mixed reviews, with some feeling it rehashes old content and suffers from uninspired new characters. Additionally, a few technical issues, like mismatched subtitles and rushed audio, were pointed out.


Should you buy “Dungeons 4” in 2024? Absolutely! 🎮 Despite a few criticisms, the overall sentiment is very positive. The game’s addictive gameplay, charming humor, and engaging mechanics make it a worthy successor in the Dungeons series. If you’re a fan of the genre or just looking for a game that blends strategy with a good laugh, “Dungeons 4” is a dungeon dive worth taking. 🏰💀 Enjoy the chaos and may your traps always catch the unwary!

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Screenshot of Dungeons 4

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