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Immerse yourself in a 4vs1 multiplayer horror game where you'll play as a Survivor or Killer, experiencing tense chases and frightening moments. But be prepared for issues with balance, bugs, and a toxic community
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In the world of Dead by Daylight, a chilling 4vs1 multiplayer horror game, death is not your exit. One player morphs into a brutal Killer, hunting the other four who assume the roles of Survivors. The Survivors, seen from a third-person perspective, must elude the Killer’s first-person pursuit, leveraging their enhanced situational awareness. The Survivors’ ultimate goal: evade the Killer’s clutches and escape the ever-changing Killing Ground. For more information, visit Key Features: Survive Together…Or Not - Cooperation could be your key to survival, or you might choose to go it alone. Your survival hinges on your strategy. Where Am I? - The game keeps you on your toes with procedurally generated levels and random spawn points. A Feast for Killers - Embrace your inner horror fan and play as a variety of Killers, from powerful Slashers to eerie paranormal entities. Deeper and Deeper - Each Killer and Survivor comes with a unique progression system and unlockables, letting you tailor your strategy. Real People, Real Fear - Procedural levels and genuine human reactions to sheer terror ensure each game session is a fresh horror experience. But beware: prolonged exposure to the game may trigger photosensitivity/epilepsy seizures. Consult your physician before playing, and stop immediately if you experience symptoms like dizziness, altered vision, involuntary movements, loss of awareness, disorientation, or convulsions.

Should I play Dead by Daylight in 2024?

The Good

Many players have spoken positively about the game, calling it addictive and fun to play. Some have enjoyed the gameplay and loved the horror theme. A few have appreciated the game’s social aspect, making friends and having a good time playing with others.

The Bad

Many reviewers have expressed frustration with the game’s balance, stating that certain killers and survivors seem overpowered. There have been reports of bugs, including teleporting players, rubberbanding, and hitbox issues. The game’s community has also been criticized for being toxic, with some players experiencing harassment and being pushed away from the game.


While Dead by Daylight has its fans, it’s clear that the game has a significant number of issues. The constant bugs, balance problems, and toxic community may deter some players from joining the game. However, for those who can look past these issues, Dead by Daylight can be a fun and engaging game. If you’re willing to invest time and effort into learning the game mechanics, you might find yourself enjoying the experience. However, it’s essential to be aware of the potential drawbacks and set realistic expectations before diving in. Overall, I’d say that Dead by Daylight can be worth playing, but it’s crucial to temper your expectations and be prepared for the potential downsides.

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