Darkest Dungeon® II: The Binding Blade - Buyer's Guide

Discover the new heroes Duelist and Crusader in Darkest Dungeon II's latest update, adding fresh excitement to the battle arena. A must-buy for fans with its engaging quests and gameplay options.
Fan-art of Darkest Dungeon® II: The Binding Blade

In the latest update to the multiplayer battle arena, two new heroes join the fray: the elite warrior Duelist and the seasoned knight Crusader. The Duelist, a master of adaptability, shifts between defensive and aggressive stances, exploiting enemy defenses and striking back with precision timing. The Crusader, fueled by a fiery passion for justice, wields holy power to vanquish his foes and heal his allies. Together, these new heroes bring strategic depth and exciting gameplay possibilities to the battlefield.

Should I play Darkest Dungeon® II: The Binding Blade in 2024?

The Good

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers praising the DLC’s content and the new heroes, particularly Crusader and Duelist. Players find them fun to use and versatile in their playstyle. The DLC is also seen as a great addition to the game, worth playing, despite being a smaller compared to other DLCs in the series.

The Bad

The only potential drawback mentioned is the Duelist’s steep learning curve, which might cause some frustration until players get used to her abilities.


Darkest Dungeon II: The Binding Blade is a delightful DLC that adds fresh excitement to the game. With its engaging new heroes and quests, it’s an excellent addition to the series. If you’re a fan of the Darkest Dungeon franchise, you won’t regret adding this DLC to your collection. It’s a must-buy for fans, even if it’s a smaller DLC compared to others in the series.

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