Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Buyer's Guide

Gather legendary creatures to reshape fate in this real-time strategy game with epic battles and divine intervention. Should you play this classic in 2024? Absolutely!
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In Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, legendary creatures like Minotaurs and Cyclopes join forces with divine intervention to reshape the fate of mortals, setting the stage for epic real-time battles. Harness the power of the gods to unleash devastating meteor showers, lightning storms, and otherworldly fury. Enhanced visuals, day-night cycles, and improved graphics elevate the visceral experience, accompanied by Steamworks integration, mod support, and a plethora of online features, inviting strategy enthusiasts to re-write the course of mythological history.

Should I play Age of Mythology: Extended Edition in 2024?

The good

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition has received an overwhelming positive response from reviewers. The general sentiment is that this game is a classic, with many players having fond memories of playing it since its initial release. Reviewers rave about the game’s engaging real-time strategy gameplay, praising its ability to keep players entertained for hours on end.

The bad

There isn’t much to criticize about this game, as the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. However, some players may find the game’s graphics and sound design to be dated compared to modern standards.


So, should you still buy or play Age of Mythology: Extended Edition in 2024? Absolutely! This game has stood the test of time, and its extended edition offers an updated and polished experience. With its engaging gameplay, nostalgic charm, and affordability, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition is an excellent choice for fans of real-time strategy games. It’s a great way to relive fond memories or create new ones. So, grab your copy, fire up your battles, and revel in the mythological mayhem!

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