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Join up to 4 players in Cook-Out, a chaotic VR cooking game, but beware of its disappointing devolution into complexity and frustration.
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Prepare for a culinary rollercoaster in Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, a chaotic VR cooking adventure from the minds behind Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Bait!, and Blaston. This award-winning multiplayer VR game by Resolution Games invites up to four players into a magical forest kitchen, serving a menagerie of mystical creatures. As the levels intensify, players must not only master the art of sandwich-making but also fend off troublesome customers like thieving jesters and ingredient-snatching bandits. Enhance your gameplay with the latest updates, featuring the ‘Make it Your Way’ feature to personalize your chef avatar and the ‘House Party’ update for new skins and customizations. Although the game emphasizes cooperative play, solo gamers can partner with a simulated teammate to face the frenzied forest kitchen.

Should I play Cook-Out in 2024?

The good

It seems that the game starts off promisingly, perhaps hooking players from the get-go. The developer’s initial efforts might have been impressive.

The bad

Oh boy, things take a turn for the worse. The recipe simulator aspect of the game takes over, devolving into an absurd and unrealistic mess. It seems the added complexity is more frustrating than enjoyable. The reviewer’s Onion-Ful-Ink-Burger analogy really sums it up: what a mess!


I’d advise potential buyers to steer clear of Cook-Out in 2024. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment or an aficionado of culinary chaos, I’d recommend giving this one a pass. Maybe the devs will revisit and revamp their design to make it more enjoyable… until then, there are better games to sink your teeth into!

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