Cities: Skylines - Buyer's Guide

Discover Cities: Skylines, a realistic urban planning experience with addictive gameplay & extensive modding. A must-play for city-building fans, despite some criticisms.
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In Cities: Skylines, players embark on a challenging urban planning adventure, juggling the intricacies of city management to balance essential services and a thriving economy. With realistic traffic simulations, day-night cycles, and modding support, this modern take on the city-building genre offers addictive depth and replayability.

Should I play Cities: Skylines in 2024?

The good

The game’s city-building simulation is considered very positive by most reviewers. They praise the game’s depth, customization options, and addictive gameplay. Many users appreciate the extensive modding community, which allows them to create and share custom content. The game is also praised for its realistic urban planning experience, making it a great choice for both casual and hardcore gamers.

The bad

Some reviewers are frustrated with the game’s reliance on DLCs, calling it a “pay-to-win” model. A few users report technical issues, such as game crashes and incompatibility problems with certain mods. Some reviewers also express disappointment with the game’s graphics and the lack of variety in the included content.


Despite some criticisms, the vast majority of reviewers praise Cities: Skylines as a great city-building simulation game. Its addictive gameplay, realistic urban planning experience, and extensive modding community make it a must-play for fans of the genre. While some players might be frustrated with the game’s DLC model and technical issues, the game’s core gameplay and replay value are still worth considering. If you’re a fan of city-building simulations, you’ll likely have a great time playing Cities: Skylines.

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