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Explore the vast open world of Black Desert Online, a next-gen MMORPG with stunning graphics, action-packed combat, and deep customization options. A complex game with grindy gameplay and technical issues, recommended for fans of action-based MMOs.
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Step into the expansive open world of Black Desert, a next-generation MMORPG that redefines the genre with remastered graphics, immersive audio, and limitless customization options. Experience fast-paced combat, large-scale PvP wars, and a multitude of life skills to master in this breathtakingly detailed environment. With unparalleled character customization and a vast, realistic world to explore, Black Desert is the ultimate MMORPG adventure.

Should I play Black Desert in 2024?

The good

Black Desert Online has a lot of positive aspects, including:

  • Beautiful graphics and character designs
  • Action-packed combat with a variety of skills and abilities
  • Deep character customization options
  • Variety of life skills and activities to engage in
  • Huge open world to explore
  • Many free gifts and events from the developers

The bad

Unfortunately, the game also has some significant issues, including:

  • Grindy gameplay that can be frustrating and time-consuming
  • Poorly balanced zones and gear progression
  • Inexpensive and limited fast travel options
  • Confusing storyline and lack of direction
  • Pay-to-win elements and microtransactions that can be costly
  • Lack of intuitive UI and confusing menu systems
  • Long tutorials and steep learning curve

The ugly

Some players have expressed frustration and disappointment with the game, citing:

  • Technical issues and lag
  • Unbalanced combat and frustration with certain classes or opponents
  • Complexity and grindiness of the game
  • Poor customer support and account management
  • In-game economy and microtransactions that can be exploitative


Based on the reviews and feedback from players, I would recommend Black Desert Online to fans of action-based MMOs and those who enjoy complex character customization. However, I would caution players that the game can be grindy and frustrating at times, and that the pay-to-win elements may limit the game’s accessibility and enjoyment. If you’re looking for a more casual MMO experience or are new to the genre, you may want to consider other options. Overall, Black Desert Online is a complex and challenging game that rewards dedication and patience.

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