Batman™: Arkham VR - Buyer's Guide

Join Batman in this VR game as he explores Gotham City in search of clues, but beware of compatibility issues and frustrating errors. Will you risk playing this buggy game? Maxwell 155-160 characters
Fan-art of Batman™: Arkham VR

Dive into the universe of the Dark Knight with Batman™: Arkham VR, a game that revolutionizes the meaning of embodying Batman himself. Explore the depths of Gotham City, witnessing its grim beauty through the perspective of the world’s most formidable detective. Engage in a fresh Arkham enigma, wielding Batman’s iconic tools in a virtual reality environment. Uncover a sinister scheme that endangers those closest to Batman, putting his legendary investigative skills to the test.

Should I play Batman™: Arkham VR in 2024?

The good

Many gamers appreciate the immersive experience of stepping into Batman’s shoes through VR. The graphics, when optimized correctly, are praised for being quite impressive and add significantly to the game’s atmosphere. The general sentiment about the gameplay is positive, with the unique perspective offered by VR being a standout feature.

The bad

There are technical issues that detract from the experience. Specifically, users have noted a difficult trade-off between graphics quality and controller functionality depending on the hardware setup. This inconsistency can disrupt the overall enjoyment of the game.


Batman™: Arkham VR offers a tantalizingly immersive experience that many fans of the Dark Knight will cherish. However, the technical difficulties related to controller and graphic compatibility can be frustrating and might require some troubleshooting. If you are a Batman enthusiast with the patience to navigate these issues, donning the cowl could still be worth it. Otherwise, you might want to wait for a more polished VR experience. 🦇🕹️

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In-game Screenshot

Screenshot of Batman™: Arkham VR

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