Another Fisherman's Tale - Buyer's Guide

Immerse yourself in a surreal VR journey with Another Fisherman's Tale. Solve puzzles, unravel the story, and explore unique environments. A must-play for puzzle game fans, with a few minor setbacks.
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Dive into a surreal, immersive VR journey with Another Fisherman’s Tale, a captivating sequel masterfully crafted by the creators of the critically acclaimed ‘A Fisherman’s Tale’. Immerse yourself in an evocative narrative as you navigate innovative VR puzzles that will challenge your perception. Unearth the truth by journeying through visually stunning and distinct locations, solving enigmatic puzzles using your own physical form. Detach and manipulate your hands, or substitute them with intriguing tools you stumble upon in this fantastical world. Prepare yourself for a mesmerizing VR experience that stands out from the crowd.

In this poetic narrative, you’ll delve into the mysteries of Bob’s history by unraveling the intricacies of Nina’s childhood and tracing Bob’s past. The mind-bending VR puzzle mechanics will challenge you in unexpected ways as your own body becomes the central puzzle piece, resulting in an unconventional gameplay experience that hinges on self-deconstruction and reinvention. Crafted by the brilliant minds at InnerspaceVR, the creators of A Fisherman’s Tale, this is a vibrant, mind-warping adventure that you won’t want to miss. Discover a plethora of immersive environments waiting to be explored.

Should I play Another Fisherman’s Tale in 2024?

The good

Another Fisherman’s Tale has left reviewers in awe, praising its unique and beautiful puzzle gameplay. The game’s atmosphere and story are highly commended, with many calling it a standout title in the puzzle genre.

The bad

A couple of reviewers noted that the game’s VR implementation can cause motion sickness, which might be a problem for some players. Additionally, the distance between save points can be frustrating, requiring players to replay sections of the game if they need to take a break.


In 2024, should you still buy Another Fisherman’s Tale? Absolutely! While the game’s VR issues are a concern, the overall experience is well worth it. The beautiful atmosphere, engaging puzzles, and unique story make it a must-play for puzzle game fans. Just be prepared to take breaks and maybe grab a motion-sickness remedy just in case!

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