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Play Among Us with friends for a fun and social gaming experience. Enjoy the game's simplicity and intense social interactions.
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In this multiplayer online game, players on a spaceship must work together to prepare for departure, but beware: a few traitors may be lurking among the crew, secretly plotting to kill everyone. Players must work together to complete tasks, uncover the traitors, and eject them from the ship before it’s too late.

Should I play Among Us in 2024?

The good

The overall feeling of reviewers is that Among Us is a fun and entertaining game, especially when played with friends. Many reviewers enjoy the game’s social aspect, whether it’s with friends or family, and praise its ability to create a fun and intense experience. Some reviewers also appreciate the game’s simplicity and ease of play, making it accessible to players of all skill levels.

Some reviewers also mention the game’s ability to bring people together, citing examples of bonding and camaraderie between players.

The bad

However, some reviewers have negative comments about the game. Some feel that the game has become overhyped and that its popularity has worn off. Others mention the rise of toxicity and hacking in the game, which can make it difficult or unpleasant to play.

A few reviewers also mention that the game can be frustrating or irritating when played with strangers, and some have issues with the game’s graphics or performance.


Should you still buy or play Among Us in 2024? If you’re looking for a fun and social game to play with friends, Among Us is still a great choice. The game remains popular, and its social aspect is still its strongest suit. However, if you’re looking for a game with complex gameplay or stunning graphics, you may want to look elsewhere.

It’s also worth noting that among the many positive reviews, there are a few that mention the game’s reliance on streaming personalities and the rise of toxicity in the community. If these things bother you, you may want to approach the game with caution.

Overall, Among Us still has a lot to offer, especially if you’re looking for a fun and social gaming experience with friends.

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