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Experience a relaxing and calming journey to restore a desert planet in Wildmender. Explore, garden, and uncover secrets in this co-op adventure game. Improve your chance of giving this game a try with this verdict.
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In Wildmander’s captivating world, players embark on a journey to restore life in an abandoned desert planet. This lush cooperative gardening adventure invites solo or multiplayer explorers to delve into mysteries, craft tools and structures, cultivate plant species, and uncover the secrets of fallen civilizations while battling corrupt wraiths. As players transform a desolate landscape into a thriving oasis through creativity and cooperation, they will experience an immersive day-night cycle with unique challenges and procedurally generated worlds.

Should I play Wildmender in 2024?

The good

The game’s premise, exploring-gardening gameplay, and the atmosphere of the world are highly praised by most reviewers. The ability to terraform the terrain and watch the landscape change over time is considered fun and engaging. The game’s message of hope and the power of nature is also widely appreciated.

The bad

Some reviewers have issues with the game’s performance, with high CPU usage during nighttime hours. Lack of crafting from containers, limited inventory space, and tedious repetition are also mentioned as drawbacks. Some reviewers find the interface unorganized and the plant, animal, and item “hitboxes” to be poorly designed.


Despite some flaws, the game’s unique premise and relaxing atmosphere make it a hidden gem. If you’re looking for a game that lets you unwind and experience a sense of hope and renewal, Wildmender might be just the game for you. While it’s not perfect, the game’s charm and potential for relaxation and enjoyment make it worth playing. Given the mostly positive reviews, we recommend giving it a try, especially if you’re looking for a calming gaming experience.

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