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Embark on a thrilling adventure in open-world Watch_Dogs, with a gritty storyline and engaging gameplay. Explore Chicago's rooftops and streets, but be prepared for frustrating driving mechanics and a flawed reputation system. Should you buy it? Maybe.
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In the city of Chicago, a fictional world is created by Ubisoft Montreal where Aiden Pearce, a skilled hacker and former thug, is driven by a quest for revenge after a tragic incident in his family. Using his smartphone, Aiden has real-time control over the city’s infrastructure, trapping enemies in traffic jams, stopping trains, and raising drawbridges to evade capture. With over 30 traditional weapons and advanced physics, the game offers a realistic driving experience with more than 65 vehicles. Disrupt, the game engine, enables players to make choices affecting the storyline and population. With the ability to navigate through buildings and rooftops, Watch_Dogs offers a dynamic and seamless multiplayer experience where players can cooperate or confront each other in an open-world setting.

Should I play Watch_Dogs™ in 2024?

The good

Watch_Dogs™ continues to be praised a decade after its release for numerous reasons. Players appreciate its atmospheric, gritty portrayal of a slightly altered Chicago, creating a deeply immersive experience. The game’s storyline, described as serious and engaging, keeps players hooked, with some even deeming it a top story-driven game. The hacking mechanics receive high marks for their innovation and fun factor, enhancing the gameplay significantly. Additionally, moments of humor sprinkled throughout, like spontaneous and engaging NPC interactions, add to the game’s charm. The DLCs, especially “Bad Blood,” are also noted for their entertaining additions.

The bad

On the downside, the game’s driving mechanics are widely criticized for their poor handling and unrealistic physics. The necessity of using Ubisoft Connect (Uplay) is another major sore point among players, as it often leads to connectivity issues and is generally disliked. The game suffers from numerous bugs, especially on PC, which can hamper the experience. There are also complaints about the game’s optimization, with some users finding it resource-intensive. Lastly, the linear nature of the story despite the seemingly open-ended gameplay possibilities can be a bit disappointing.


Despite its flaws, Watch_Dogs™ is still a must-play in 2024. Its captivating atmosphere, innovative hacking mechanics, and solid storyline make it a diamond in the rough. Yes, the driving mechanics can be frustrating, and the reliance on Ubisoft Connect is annoying, but these issues are overshadowed by the game’s many strengths. Dive into the bustling streets of Chicago and unleash your inner hacker—this game is worth your time, with or without the occasional hiccup. 🕶️🎮📱

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