The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road - Buyer's Guide

Embark on a new adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road, with a new Daedric Prince and challenging trials. Prepare for a unique playstyle and customization options, with no subscription needed.
Fan-art of The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road

Embark on a new adventure with The Elder Scrolls, an immersive game that lets you shape your own journey through its expansive universe, Tamriel. Whether you prefer to go solo or with a group, you can explore, craft, quest, and roleplay to your heart’s content. The game offers unlimited customization of abilities and gear, catering to every playstyle. No subscription needed—just a one-time purchase for unlimited playtime.

Gold Road, the latest addition to The Elder Scrolls Online, introduces a new Daedric Prince, Ithelia, who mysteriously reappears in Tamriel. The reasons for her return and the plans of her followers in West Weald unfold in a captivating storyline. Explore West Weald, an Imperial region last seen in TES IV: Oblivion, now under threat from the encroaching Valenwood jungle and Daedric incursions.

Scribing, a unique system, offers an innovative way to customize your playstyle. Gather special skills, tweak their effects, and make them uniquely yours.

The game also features a challenging new 12-person trial, the Lucent Citadel, along with dangerous world events, bosses, and new delves and public dungeons. Unique in-game rewards and more await you.

Pre-purchase The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Gold Road or The Deluxe Collection: Gold Road for instant access to all major Chapter zones, biomes, and quest arcs across Tamriel. These collections include the base game, Gold Road, and all previous Chapters, with additional Deluxe items for those who opt for the Deluxe Collection: Gold Road.

Should I play The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road in 2024?

The good

Unfortunately, there are no user reviews for The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road, which makes it difficult to give a comprehensive review. No reviews means no insight into the general consensus, and we’re left in the dark.

The bad

Lacking user reviews means we can’t accurately assess the game’s quality, enjoyment, or potential issues. This lack of feedback might scare off potential players and give the impression that the game is untested or underwhelming.


This one’s a tough call. Without user reviews to lean on, it’s hard to give a thumbs up or down on The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road. If you’re a die-hard fan of the Elder Scrolls series or the online multiplayer concept, you might still want to take the plunge. However, if you’re looking for a more informed decision, you might want to hold off and see if more reviews roll in.

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