Starstruck Vagabond - Buyer's Guide

Embark on an epic journey through space in Starstruck Vagabond, but beware of repetitive gameplay and poor character design.
Fan-art of Starstruck Vagabond

Embark on an epic journey through space, managing a clunky old spaceship, forging relationships with a quirky crew, and uncovering a mysterious plot threatening the galaxy. Explore procedurally generated star systems, complete intergalactic missions, and upgrade your vessel to become the galaxy’s greatest transport captain.

Should I play Starstruck Vagabond in 2024?

The good

  • Engaging Story: Many users have praised the game’s compelling narrative and well-written characters. The plot is described as the main driving force, keeping players engaged for the long haul.
  • Relaxing Gameplay: The game offers a laid-back experience akin to job simulation games like airline flying or truck driving. Suitable for “dad gamers” or those looking for something easy to pick up and put down.
  • Astounding Music: Several reviewers highlighted the game’s impressive soundtrack, which adds to the immersive experience.
  • Effective Graphics: Visually, the game is both pretty and functional, aiding in the understanding of its mechanics.

The bad

  • Repetitive Gameplay: Multiple reviews mention that tasks like moving crates, repairing the ship, and hauling cargo become tedious over time.
  • Procedurally Generated Universe: Some players felt that the procedurally generated worlds result in a lifeless, repetitive environment.
  • Frustrating Mechanics: Many reviews touched on how gameplay elements such as ship maintenance and space travel could be frustrating and poorly designed.
  • Uninspired Visuals and Artstyle: The game’s graphics and artstyle have been criticized for being bland and too nostalgic, failing to add to the overall experience.


Starstruck Vagabond offers an engaging narrative wrapped in a relaxing sim-like experience, perfect for those who enjoy the charm of job-based gameplay in a space setting. The music and graphics complement the story nicely, making it easy to lose yourself in this cosmic journey. 🚀✨

However, be warned: the repetitive gameplay and procedurally generated universe can become tedious over time. If you’re someone who is frustrated by monotonous tasks or uninspired visuals, this might not be your cup of space tea.

Overall, if you’re in it for the story and the relaxing, casual experience, Starstruck Vagabond is worth the journey. For those seeking more dynamic and engaging mechanics, you might want to think twice. 🌌

Should you buy this game in 2024? For the narrative lovers and laid-back gamers, definitely give it a shot! For others, maybe wait for a sale or further updates. 🎮✨

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Screenshot of Starstruck Vagabond

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