Resident Evil 3 - Buyer's Guide

Explore Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3, but be cautious: a shorter campaign and some missing features may not justify the full price tag. Worth playing on sale or with a discount
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In the desolate landscape of Raccoon City, Jill Valentine stands as one of the few surviving witnesses to the horrific acts committed by Umbrella Corporation. In an attempt to silence her, Umbrella deploys their most formidable weapon, the Nemesis. The game also introduces Resident Evil Resistance, an innovative online multiplayer game that pits a team of four survivors against a malevolent Mastermind, all set within the haunting world of Resident Evil.

Should I play Resident Evil 3 in 2024?

The good

The vast majority of reviewers have described the game as “fun to play”, with many praising the gameplay, graphics, and storyline. The game’s atmosphere and setting have also been praised, with many enjoying the darker and more intense tone. The characters, particularly Carlos, have also received positive reviews.

The bad

Some reviewers have criticized the game’s short campaign, with some calling it a “scam” and others expressing disappointment. A few reviewers have also mentioned the game’s lack of costumes and other features, which they feel is lacking compared to other games in the series.


Despite some criticisms, the overall sentiment is that Resident Evil 3 is a solid game with some great qualities. However, with a shorter campaign and some missing features, it’s a tough sell at its original price point. If you can find it on sale or wait for a discount, it’s definitely worth playing. But at full price, you may want to wait for a better offer.

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Screenshot of Resident Evil 3

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