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Experience cooperative excitement and replayability in PAYDAY 2, a gritty heist simulation. Join a legendary criminal crew and overcome challenges by mastering heist management and outsmarting adversaries.
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In PAYDAY 2, a gritty heist simulation, up to four players join forces as a legendary criminal crew, embarking on a grueling crime spree across Washington D.C. As they navigate the vast underworld of corruption and deceit, they’ll face off against rival gangs, corrupt officials, and elite law enforcement agents. With a vast arsenal of high-powered weapons and a modular customization system, crews must adapt and evolve to overcome the ever-changing landscape of CRIMENET’s dynamic contracts. Every heist offers a unique experience, from stealthy infiltrations to brazen showdowns. But as the stakes rise, so does the temptation to become a legendary criminal. Can you master the art of heist management, outsmart your adversaries, and reap the rewards of a life of crime?

Should I play PAYDAY 2 in 2024?

The good

The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the game’s cooperative gameplay, customization options, and sense of excitement and thrill. Many reviewers mention the game’s replayability, with players able to try different heists and strategies. The game’s community is also praised, with many players enjoying playing with friends and coordinating with each other.

Some reviewers also mention the game’s bug-fixing efforts, with many praising the developer’s commitment to fixing issues and releasing regular updates.

The bad

Some reviewers mention issues with the game’s AI, with some enemies feeling too weak or predictable. There are also mentions of netcode issues, with some players experiencing lag or disconnections.

Additionally, some reviewers express frustration with the game’s community, citing issues with lag, unfair players, and “toxic” behavior.


Based on the reviews, Payday 2 is a game that delivers on its promise of cooperative excitement and replayability. While it is not perfect, with some issues with AI and netcode, the game’s community and sense of adventure make it a worthwhile experience. If you’re looking for a game that rewards teamwork and strategic thinking, Payday 2 is a great choice. Just be prepared for some frustration with the community and occasional technical issues. Overall, I’d give it a strong recommendation to fans of cooperative shooters and strategy buffs.

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