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Experience Hunt: Showdown's tense gameplay as a ruthless Hunter, battling eerie creatures in 1895 Louisiana Bayou; should you play it?
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“Bayou Bloodlines” drops players into the murky, 1895 Louisiana Bayou, where they assume the role of a ruthless Hunter tasked with eliminating eerie, nightmare-inducing creatures. With the promise of lavish bounties waiting for the successful, gameplay unfolds as a tense blend of PvP and PvE elements. Throughout the treacherous journey, alliances are forged and shattered, as Hunters’ egos and egos are tested in a struggle for dominance. As the stakes heighten, the journey evolves into a Darwinian struggle for survival, where victories are rewarded with valuable gear, experience, and legendary Bloodlines. With each step, the stakes grow, and the line between hunter and prey blurs. Will the bravest Hunters emerge victorious, or will the twisted Bayou claim them as its own?"

Should I play Hunt: Showdown in 2024?

The Good

The game has a strong strategic element, with a focus on movement, sound manipulation, and environmental awareness. The game has a mature and serious tone, with no colorful or joke skins or emotes. The game has a balanced gameplay, with many playable weapons and playstyles. The game also has a dynamic event system, which changes the gameplay and adds new objectives and abilities.

The game also has a unique mechanic where you can revive your teammates, which adds a new layer of strategy to team fights. The game has a strong focus on learning and adapting, with many players sharing their knowledge and strategies with others.

The Bad

There are some minor bugs and quirks in the game, such as occasional stuttering or crashing. The game also has a slow patching schedule, which can leave imbalances in the game for an extended period.

The game also has a significant issue with cheating, with many players reporting cheaters in the game. Crytek’s handling of the issue is also criticized, with some players feeling that the company is not doing enough to address the problem.


Despite some minor issues with bugs and quirks, Hunt: Showdown is a highly enjoyable game that rewards strategy, adaptability, and teamwork. The game has a unique sound-based gameplay mechanic that adds a new layer of depth to traditional first-person shooter gameplay.

However, the significant issue with cheating in the game is a major concern for potential players. Until Crytek addresses this issue and provides a more robust anti-cheat system, it may be wise for players to approach the game with caution.

Ultimately, if you’re okay with the potential for cheaters, and you’re looking for a challenging and strategic first-person shooter with a strong focus on teamwork and strategy, Hunt: Showdown may be worth checking out.

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