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Experience realistic tactical gameplay in Ground Branch, a game with promise but slow development pace and limited content. Worth playing for fans of realistic shooters, but opinions vary.

Experience the ruthless world of covert operations in GROUND BRANCH, an immersive tactical shooter game that redefines realism. Play as a top-notigned CIA operative leading special forces across global hotspots with true first-person perspective and meticulous customization options. Engage in challenging 8v8 or cooperative modes where teamwork is key, all while controlling every aspect of your character’s movement and weapon handling. Explore diverse mission environments, utilize a vast arsenal tailored to any situation, and strategically plan each operation for the best outcome.

Should I play GROUND BRANCH in 2024?

The good

The game has received praise for its realistic tactical gameplay, customizable loadouts, and dedicated community. Reviewers have enjoyed the game’s weapon handling, mission planning, and graphics. The game’s map designers have also been commended for creating detailed and immersive environments.

The bad

The game has faced criticism for its slow development pace, with some reviewers feeling that the developers have prioritized lesser features over core gameplay improvements. The AI has been deemed too simplistic and easy to predict, leading to a more run-and-gun playstyle on many servers. The game also lacks substantial content, including limited maps, missions, and game modes. Additionally, the game suffers from various bugs and technical issues.


While Ground Branch has shown promise and potential, its slow development pace and lack of content may be a turn-off for many players. However, for those who enjoy tactical gameplay and are willing to overlook some of the game’s shortcomings, it’s still worth playing. The dedicated community and improved AI updates are definite highlights. Just be aware of the game’s limitations and don’t set your expectations too high. If you’re a fan of realistic tactical shooters, you might find Ground Branch to be an engaging and challenging experience.

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