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Immerse yourself in a gripping mystery in the Wyoming wilderness. Explore beautiful landscapes, navigate relationships, and uncover the truth. Will you find redemption in this poignant, visually stunning experience?
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Immerse yourself in the unforgiving Wyoming wilderness of 1989 as Henry, a troubled soul seeking solitude in a fire lookout tower. A string of unsettling occurrences draws you into the unknown, as you navigate treacherous terrain, unravel a gripping mystery, and forge a poignant connection with a kindred spirit. With every step, your choices shape the narrative and build relationships, set against a breathtakingly beautiful and expansive wilderness. Will you uncover the truth and find redemption in this poignant, visually stunning, and deeply human experience?

Should I play Firewatch in 2024?

The good

The game has received widespread praise for its beautiful landscapes, interesting story, and immersive experience. The voice acting and dialogue have been particularly praised, with many reviewers feeling invested in the characters and their relationships. The gameplay has also been praised for its peaceful and relaxing nature, allowing players to explore the wilderness at their own pace.

The bad

Some reviewers have critiqued the game’s length, feeling that it is too short and not worth the price point. Others have felt that the ending is unsatisfying, leaving many unanswered questions and lacking a sense of closure. A few reviewers have also mentioned that the gameplay can become repetitive and tedious at times.


Despite its flaws, Firewatch is a beautifully crafted game that is well worth playing. The game’s stunning visuals, immersive story, and lovable characters make it a must-play for anyone who enjoys a good narrative-driven experience. While it may be a bit on the expensive side, the game is definitely worth the investment for fans of storytelling and atmospheric gameplay.

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