Dealer Simulator - Buyer's Guide

A warehouse management game with potential, but numerous bugs and frustrating glitches make it not worth the investment in its current state. Wait for updates and bug fixes before considering a purchase.
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Dive into Dealer Simulator, an intricate warehouse management game that challenges you to build and manage your own business empire. Navigate the complexities of product transportation, storage solutions, and strategic expansion in a dynamic virtual economy.

Should I play Dealer Simulator in 2024?

The good

From the reviews, it’s clear that the game has its fun moments, with one reviewer even stating that it’s “incredibly fun”. The game has potential, with a reviewer excited to see what the game becomes with future updates.

The bad

The major issue present in the game is the plethora of bugs, with multiple reviewers experiencing crashes and truck lockups, making it difficult to play the game without interruptions. Additionally, the reviewer who had a positive experience mentioned that the driving mechanics can be frustrating when going off-road.


So, should you buy this game in 2024? While it has some fun aspects, the game’s current state is marred by numerous bugs and frustrating glitches. My verdict is that you should wait until the developers fix the issues before purchasing. It’s not worth the investment in its current state. However, with proper updates and bug fixes, there’s potential for this game to become something enjoyable in the future. For now, it’s better to wait and see how the developers address the game’s many problems.

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