Crusader Kings III - Buyer's Guide

Experience medieval grand strategy and dynasty-building in Crusader Kings III, but beware of frustrating issues like event spam and pay-to-win DLC in this imperfect game
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Your legacy awaits in an epic tale of the Middle Ages, where you will lead your noble house to greatness across generations. Crusader Kings III, the latest installment in Paradox Development Studio’s acclaimed series, offers an immersive blend of deep, dramatic role-playing and strategic gameplay.

In this meticulously researched medieval world, you’ll start in 867 or 1066, expanding your dynasty, claiming lands, titles, and vassals to secure a kingdom worthy of your royal lineage. Your death is just a footnote, as your dynasty continues with new playable heirs. The game offers an immense simulated world filled with peasants, knights, courtiers, spies, jesters, and squires, along with secret love affairs.

Every character is distinct, with traits and life choices shaping their actions and schemes. You can rule with an iron fist or inspire your subjects with magnificent deeds. Genetics can be passed on to your children, be it the gift of genius or debilitating stupidity.

The true strategy requires cunning. You’ll govern an ever-evolving kingdom, granting titles to those you favor or usurping your sovereign’s crown. Beware of rivals, from restless servants to vengeful concubines. Shadows often revolt, and danger lurks in every dark corner. You can recruit agents and other disreputable elements to subdue, blackmail, or assassinate those standing in your way.

Achieve great deeds as a pious king, inviting religious powers to your side, or create your own faith as you battle between enduring fame and eternal curse. Bring new innovations to your culture and build imposing castles and bastions to increase your kingdom’s wealth, prestige, and security. The paths to follow are limitless, with thousands of dynamic events and life-changing decisions tailored to all conceivable situations and characters. There are countless ways to secure and maintain your place in the history books.

Should I play Crusader Kings III in 2024?

The good

Some reviewers have mentioned that the game can be fun, with one reviewer stating that it’s “fun” and another enjoying the game when it was first released. One reviewer even mentioned that it’s “10/10” when they first played it.

The bad

The majority of reviewers have expressed extreme frustration with the game, citing issues with “event spam”, repetitive and boring events that interrupt gameplay. Many reviewers have also complained about poor DLC pricing, with some stating that the game is “unfinished” and relies too heavily on DLCs to add content. Other issues include broken mechanics, poor AI, and a lack of substantial updates.


Based on the overwhelming number of negative reviews, it’s clear that Crusader Kings III has significant issues that detract from the gameplay experience. The constant stream of pop-up events can be annoying and repetitive, and the DLC pricing model is seen as exploitative. While some reviewers may have enjoyed the game initially, the overwhelming consensus is that the game is not worth playing in its current state. Unless significant changes are made to address these issues, I would not recommend purchasing this game.

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