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Engage in a gripping military simulation with Arma 3 Laws of War, featuring a well-written story and engaging campaign. Should Buy: True
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Arma 3’s Laws of War DLC introduces a humanitarer faction, IDAP, and various features that allow players to experience life after conflict through aid missions in the Republic of Altis & Stratis. The International Committee of the Red Cross received $176,667 from direct sales, which was donated by Bohemia Interactive. New features include a mini-campaign called ‘Remnants of War,’ where players follow explosive specialist Nathan MacDade on his mission to deactivate mines and uncover post-war events in Oreokastro town. The IDAP faction has custom vans, drones for cargo transportation and demining operations, along with an APERS Mine Dispenser system. Players can choose from various gear such as safety vests, bags, helmets, ear protectors, goggles, and more. The Arma 3 platform update is free to all owners of the game, adding new content like cluster strikes, mine identification improvements, leaflets via drones, Laws of Armed Conflict (LOAC) information in Field Manual additions, showcases for IDAP faction and laws of war. The DLC also features an official soundtrack and Steam Achievements related to the new content.

Should I play Arma 3 Laws of War in 2024?

The good

The major highlight of Arma 3 Laws of War is its well-written story, with a narrative that is both interesting and engaging. Reviewers enjoyed the campaign’s writing, calling it “solidly written” and praising its ability to tell a compelling story.

The bad

Unfortunately, there aren’t many flaws to mention, but one reviewer did note that the writing may not be up to literary standards, being “hardly Shakespeare”. However, this wasn’t enough to detract from the overall experience.


So, should you buy Arma 3 Laws of War in 2024? Absolutely! The overwhelmingly positive reviews and the excellent storytelling make this a must-play for fans of the Arma series and those looking for a compelling military campaign. The minor criticisms of the writing being somewhat amateurish are easily overlooked in the face of a well-told story. So, if you’re looking for a military simulation with a great narrative, Law of War is a great choice. Give it a try!

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