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Unpacking: a relaxing indie game with a calming atmosphere, beautiful visuals, and engaging storyline. Perfect for unwinding and reducing stress. Should buy:
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In this contemplative indie game, you embark on a journey of emotional unpacking as you meticulously arrange a mysterious character’s belongings across eight house moves. With every carefully placed vase and folded sock, uncover the secrets of your enigmatic protagonist and immerse yourself in the soothing gameplay, featuring no scores, timers or stress.

Should I play Unpacking in 2024?

The Good

Many reviewers praised Unpacking for its relaxing and calming atmosphere, saying it was perfect for unwinding and reducing stress. The game was also praised for its beautiful visuals, engaging storyline, and addictive gameplay. Reviewers loved the sense of accomplishment they felt when organizing their virtual room and completing levels.

The Bad

Some reviewers found the game to be too short, with playtime varying from 2-3 hours, depending on the player’s pace and completion of achievements. Some felt the price was too high for the amount of content, and that it was not worth it at full price.


Despite some minor issues with length and price, Unpacking is still a must-play for anyone looking for a relaxing and calming gaming experience. It’s a game that can be enjoyed in short sessions or played for longer stretches. If you’re a fan of cozy games, puzzles, and organization, you’ll likely find Unpacking to be a delightful and engaging experience. If you’re concerned about the length or price, keep an eye out for sales and discounts to snag it at a more affordable price.

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Screenshot of Unpacking

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