Sea of Thieves: 2024 Edition - Buyer's Guide

Embark on a swashbuckling adventure in Sea of Thieves, a pirate's life simulator with a unique experience combining exploration, combat, and treasure hunting. Still a good option for pirate-themed game enthusiasts, but consider community toxicity and frequent updates for improvement.
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Embark on a swashbuckling adventure in Sea of Thieves, a pirate’s life simulator that lets you sail, fight, explore and loot to become a legendary buccaneer. With a vast open world to discover, no set roles to confine you, and a dynamic community of players to encounter, every voyage is a unique experience. Explore underwater kingdoms, hunt for treasure, and forge your reputation, all in a game that’s constantly evolving with new content added every three months.

Should I play Sea of Thieves: 2024 Edition in 2024?

The good

  • Graphics: Stunningly beautiful visuals make you feel like you’re truly sailing the high seas.
  • Gameplay: Very engaging, thanks to the new mechanics introduced in the latest season.
  • Audio: Excellent sound effects that add to the immersive experience.
  • Audience: Suitable for teens and adults, making it a great game for a broad range of players.
  • Game Time: Offers extensive playtime, perfect for those looking to immerse themselves for hours.
  • Tutorial: Provides a very good tutorial, helpful for new players to get the hang of the game.
  • Multiplayer: Even more fun when played with friends.

The bad

  • Grind: The game can be quite grind-heavy, which may be off-putting for some players.
  • Content Restrictions and Issues: Recent controversies around content creator bans and copyright strikes have stirred up significant backlash.
  • Toxic Community: Reports of racism, homophobia, and other toxic behaviors are troubling.
  • Anti-Cheat Issues: Persistent problems with cheaters, leading to frustration among players.
  • Emporium Shop: Criticized for putting desirable items behind paywalls instead of making them earnable through gameplay.
  • Bugs: Although minor, they can occasionally disrupt the experience.


Sail forward with caution! ⚓ “Sea of Thieves: 2024 Edition” offers a visually breathtaking and deeply engaging pirate adventure, especially if you’re playing with a crew. The gameplay and audio are top-notch, offering hours upon hours of high-seas hijinks. However, the game is not without its share of stormy seas—issues with cheaters, a grind-heavy progression system, and a community fraught with toxicity could dampen your spirits.

If you’re a fan of the pirate life and don’t mind the occasional rough waters, this game is still a worthy voyage. For those wary of the darker undertones and potential frustrations, it might be best to wait for developer improvements before hoisting the Jolly Roger. 🏴‍☠️

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