Romans: Age of Caesar - Buyer's Guide

Romans: Age of Caesar is a co-op MMORTS where you rebuild the Roman Empire. With no reviews yet, explore and pioneer this untapped game. Should you play? Maybe!
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Romans: Age of Caesar is a co-op MMORTS crafted by Firefly Studios, the renowned creators behind Stronghold. This historical strategy game tasks players with the monumental challenge of rebuilding the Roman Empire. Gather resources, reignite trade routes, and defend shared city states from barbarian invasions. Engage in city-building gameplay within a shared open world, cooperating with up to 16 players per city. Beyond your district lies an expansive map teeming with new settlements and unique resources. Forge alliances to revive the republic and restore Rome to its former glory. Engage in tactical combat or political warfare, balancing bloodshed and diplomacy to thrive. With the ultimate aim of being crowned Caesar, players must navigate the treacherous waters of Senate politics, balancing loyalties and strategic betrayals. Key features include cooperative city building, economic growth, empire reformation, and a political climb to power.

Should I play Romans: Age of Caesar in 2024?

The good

  • This game offers an intriguing premise with its focus on ancient Roman strategy.
  • It promises a blend of city-building and resource management that’s perfect for fans of historical strategy games.
  • The graphics and art style look appealing in promotional materials.

The bad

  • Without user reviews, it’s hard to gauge the actual gameplay experience.
  • Some players might be skeptical about purchasing a game without any community feedback.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Well, Romans: Age of Caesar stands on the precipice, much like an undiscovered historical site. With no user reviews to guide us, it feels like an adventure into the unknown. If you’re a fan of strategy games set in antiquity, and don’t mind taking a leap of faith, this could be a hidden gem awaiting your discovery. 🏛️ Will you be the Caesar to lead Rome to glory? Only time will tell!

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