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Embark on an epic rogue-like dungeon crawler in Hollow Survivors. Discover hidden gems or innovative mechanics in this action-packed adventure. Should you brave the unknown?
Fan-art of Hollow Survivors

In Hollow Survivors, a rogue-like dungeon crawler, you embody one of the last remaining sane Hollows, tasked with slashing through hordes of monstrous creatures and battling up the treacherous Tower. Unleash fury on menacing bosses, choose from a range of weapons to match your combat style, and harness souls to purchase permanent upgrades after each run. Forge alliances with other Hollows, uncover dark secrets, and rebuild your settlement. Each soul-card you collect shapes your character’s appearance, offering a unique build and customizable look. With endless choices and relentless action, your skills and decisions will determine if you can face the ultimate challenge and triumph against the evil cult that cursed you.

Should I play Hollow Survivors in 2024?

The good

Since there are no user reviews available, we can assume the game is either very new or undiscovered by the general public. This means there could be potential hidden gems or innovative mechanics waiting to be explored.

The bad

The lack of user reviews means we don’t have any feedback to gauge the game’s performance, stability, or overall enjoyment. This uncertainty can be a significant drawback for those who rely on community insights before making a purchase.


Should you still buy or play “Hollow Survivors” in 2024? Well, diving into uncharted territory can be an exciting adventure! While the lack of user reviews leaves us in the dark about the game’s quality, it also means you have the rare opportunity to be among the first to discover and shape the discourse around this enigmatic title. If you have a penchant for taking risks and exploring the unknown, give “Hollow Survivors” a shot—you might just stumble upon something remarkable! However, if you prefer a safer bet, you might want to wait until more reviews surface.

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