Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Going East! - Buyer's Guide

Explore Central Europe with Euro Truck Simulator 2's Going East! DLC. But with outdated graphics, is it worth the ride in 2024? Play at your own risk.
Fan-art of Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Going East!

Embark on a scenic drive through Central Europe with the Going East! add-on for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Explore over 20 hours of new roads, navigating through 13 bustling cities, including Warsaw, Krakow, Ostrava, and Budapest. Test your driving prowess on narrow, winding roads, mountain passes, and construction zones, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Should I play Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Going East! in 2024?

The good

It seems that many players had positive experiences with the Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Going East! DLC when it was first released. The addition of new routes and regions to drive through was well-received.

The bad

However, it appears that as time has passed, some of the DLC’s assets may have begun to show their age. One player mentioned that the graphics and immersion were broken by the lack of updates, making it difficult to enjoy the DLC as intended.


It seems that Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Going East! was a solid addition to the main game when it was first released. However, with the passage of time, it’s clear that the DLC’s graphics and immersion may not be as strong as they once were. If you’re looking to sink your teeth into a trucking game, there may be better options available. Unless you’re a die-hard fan of the series, I wouldn’t recommend picking this up - at least, not without some serious graphical enhancements.

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