DCS World Steam Edition - Buyer's Guide

Experience a realistic flight simulator with DCS World, but be aware of the company's poor management and community handling. Prepare for a great gaming experience, but at a cost.
Fan-art of DCS World Steam Edition

Embark on a battle-tested adventure with Digital Combat Simulator World, a free-to-play digital battlefield game that simulates military aircraft, ground vehicles, and naval units with uncanny realism. Explore the Caucasus and Mariana Islands, and immerse yourself in a sprawling digital world with Edge graphics and authentic sound effects. Command the Su-25T and TF-51D jets, and master complex weapons systems like the F/A-18C and F-16C. From beginner to pro, DCS World caters to all skill levels, boasting a rich feature set: missions editor, multiplayer, VR support, and an active community-driven modification scene.

Should I play DCS World Steam Edition in 2024?

The good

Despite the negative comments about Eagle Dynamics’ management and community handling, many reviewers agree that DCS World Steam Edition is a great flight simulator. The game has been praised for its realistic simulation experience and the community’s enthusiasm for creating mods and content.

The bad

Eagle Dynamics’ poor management and community handling are major concerns. The company’s lack of transparency, suppression of free speech, and refusal to listen to the community have led to a decline in the game’s popularity. Additionally, the company’s business practices, such as giving a $10 million interest-free loan to the CEO, have raised eyebrows.


In its current state, I would advise against buying DCS World Steam Edition. While the game itself may be enjoyable, Eagle Dynamics’ questionable management and community handling make it difficult to support the game. However, if you’re a die-hard flight simulator fan, you may still want to give it a try. Just be aware of the potential issues and difficulties that come with playing a game with a company that seems to prioritize profits over community engagement.

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Screenshot of DCS World Steam Edition

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